About my work

Yours truly enjoying a wonderful sunset in Milos, Greece.

Yours truly enjoying a wonderful sunset in Milos, Greece.

I am a landscape and wildlife photographer living in Tamarac, Florida. A computer programmer by profession, I use my passion for photography to break away from the physical confines of my office and explore and reveal the wonderful world and natural beauty around us. This quest to explore and capture its imagery through my camera lens has led me, and my wife Nelly, to visit many fantastic international locations such as Iceland, Greece, Costa Rica, and Italy; and explore some of the great American parks such as Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Tetons, and the Great Smokey Mountains. But no other subject brings more joy and pleasure to my soul than the outstanding contrast between nature and human progress found in my own back yard of South Florida. 


Our neighborhood offers a unique, fragile, and beautiful contrast between the slow and steady evolution of nature versus the relentless and accelerated force of human progress and advancement over its environment. Few other locations demonstrate such stark juxtaposition other than the Everglades and the city of Miami. I enjoy documenting and capturing the imagery and essence of these two magnificent locations.  I hope that my images help our community understand that a careful balance must be maintained in order to ensure the survival of both areas and ensure that future generations may enjoy and thrive in our environment just as much as we do today.

I thank you for visiting my website and viewing my work. It is my hope that these images entice and compel you to go outside and experience the beauty I try to capture in the images found here before you.