About my work

Yours truly while enjoying a wonderful sunset in the island of Milos, Greece.

Yours truly while enjoying a wonderful sunset in the island of Milos, Greece.

When I am outside hiking through thick forests and prairies, wading knee-deep through sloughs and wetlands, or even just strolling by on boardwalks, my eyes are capturing the light reflected from all the beauty that surrounds me. My mind then absorbs these images and feverishly attempts to compose a vision with the potential interest and beauty I desire. Failure happens often, but I continue searching for that singular moment when my eyes, the proper light reflecting on the material, and nature itself meet in that glorious instant to form the perfect composition that my mind craves. These rare but precious moments are when I am most peaceful and serene. Though my exterior may appear frantic and anxious while setting up my tripod, pressing and changing settings on my camera, and putting on or taking off filters or lenses, these tasks bring me joy and tranquility as I capture the moment. 


My work is a reflection of the reality I see in my mind's eye. It is not meant to be a replica of 'reality' for it is impossible to copy it. 'Reality', the way things really are, can never be truly captured or even described. Our eyes and senses give us a small, and highly subjective, perspective of it. My work only shows a glimpse of the beauty I discern. You can decide if such vision is what you experience as well, or perhaps more. As Ansel Adams said, 'A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.' My photographs are an expression of my feelings of earth's beauty. 

I am a photographer for three reasons that work in unison to give me vision, meaning and purpose: I love being a part of nature and having the opportunity to capture its imagery. Secondly, I enjoy processing and converting these scenes into visual representation of what my heart and mind envisions. Finally, I enjoy seeing the embers of inspiration and wonderment being rekindled inside you, the viewer, as you bear witness to my work. 

I hope my images capture your imagination and renew your innate desire to escape the confines of this room and to explore what life offers us all beyond these walls. May my images offer you a renewed and expanded appreciation of the beautiful world that surround us and motivates you to help restore and preserve it.