Welcome to my new website / by Andres Leon

Welcome to my redesigned and, I believe much improved, website.

As a professional web developer and computer programmer with a little over 20 years of experience I must admit I felt a great deal of guilt creating this website using SquareSpace instead of developing and hosting my own. While  I feel that I have all the skills and knowledge required to host my own web and mail server, create the website (html, css, js, etc.) the truth of the matter is that I just didn't feel like spending all that time doing it. I started many versions and never finished any of them.

Then, one day not too many ago, I decided to checkout SquareSpace to see if it was worth using them. Within a few minutes I had finished the main templates design and had a site ready to go.  While many other hosting companies have similar products with very impressive features, I must say that SquareSpace was the winner in all my measurements. 

So, again, thank you so much for checking out my pages. I hope you enjoy my work. And I hope I can maintain the habit of posting to this blog regularly and keep you interested and informed in my world of photography.