About this Photo: Cypress Knee in Fisheating Creek / by Andres Leon

During the Christmas holiday break I decided to take advantage of the unseasonably warm weather we've been having here in South Florida and traveled to Fisheating Creek Outpost to do some kayaking. The temperature was perfect and the winds and overall weather were nothing short of amazing.  The water levels were also quite high which allowed me to navigate the creek into areas not normally accessible by waterways during this time of the year. This is one of the images I was able to capture and was happy creating. The the sun and the clouds didn't cooperate in this shot, I was still happy with the composition and the overall mood of the moment. 

Image Details:
10 sec exposure at f/22 with a 0.9 neutral density filter
ISO 100
35mm focal length using the 16 - 35mm L Lens from Canon on a EOS 5D S.

In order to take this shot, I had to wade in the creek a few yards away from my kayak, setup my tripod and camera in about 5 feet of water, and hope that no gators were in the vicinity to say hi :) 

Loved the experience and time doing this and hope it inspires you to come out and enjoy the water and beautiful scenery near you.