About this Photo: Water and Earth Collide / by Andres Leon

The morning when this shot was taken (October 4th, 2015 at Coral Cove Park in Tequesta, Florida) proved particularly challenging. Hoping to catch the sunrise behind some very interesting cloud formations out in the horizon, the scenery changed and the sunrise turned out to be less interesting than I hoped. Although, to be perfectly honest, every sunrise in South Florida is a wonderful experience :)

I decided to stay a little later than usual as I noticed the tide was rising and the water was approaching the sand and rocks in very interesting patterns. As these were being hammered by the water I realized that these splashes would make a very interesting image at just the right shutter speed: too long and it would make the water too silky and smooth; too short and it would capture just drops in the air. So i stayed and took several hundred shots. This one is my favorite. It shows the amazing power water has to create and shape a truly dynamic sense of movement and action. 

Picture Details
Canon 5D S with a EF24-105 L Lens
1/6 sec at f/16
ISO 125
Focal Point at 32mm

Applied various Lightroom, Photoshop, and NIK filters to bring out the details on the rock, water and the sky.